Investigating the Social Entrepreneur Personality
This research project is a collaboration between the Centre for Leadership and Change and Jindal Centre for Social Innovation & Entrepreneurship at O.P. Jindal Global University. It aims to increase our understanding of personality traits of social entrepreneurs and aspiring social entrepreneurs. 

Your responses will remain anonymous. Information emanating from the survey will only be made public in a completely un-attributable format or at the aggregate level in order to ensure that no participant will be identified. This survey has been granted ethical approval by O.P. Jindal Global University, and your data will be used for research purposes only.
Please choose the option that is most applicable to your current status. *

A social venture is defined as a trust, society, company, venture capital undertaking or limited liability partnership formed with the purpose of promoting social welfare or solving social problems or providing social benefits.

Which of the following options is most applicable to you *

Social venture defined as a trust, society, company, venture capital undertaking or limited liability partnership formed with the purpose of promoting social welfare or solving social problems or providing social benefits.

How is your social venture structured?

Regardless of obstacles, I must always achieve my aim. *

I usually avoid activities whose results depend too much on chance. *

My business goals and long-term plans would always be accessible to everyone who works for me. *

I will go to great lengths to accomplish something noteworthy. *

I am the first to adapt when a change of situation arises. *

I find comfort in applying a tried and tested method. *

Some people might describe me as overly ambitious. *

I feel very comfortable changing my mind. *

I am generally averse to plans with several unknown variables. *

People often comment on my originality. *

In a professional context, I would choose to help people even if it causes me inconvenience. *

I find it difficult to incorporate new ideas into my existing worldview. *

I always keep my word, even if it is to my disadvantage. *

I would look forward to modifying my business processes. *

I can push myself to extremes when trying to achieve a goal. *

I could be flexible with my principles if the situation required it. *

Change has consistently benefited me in my life. *

I would always prefer to be my own boss. *

I would share all information about the potentially harmful effects of my business operations with communities located nearby. *

My work always stands out for its inventiveness. *

If a task seems interesting, I will choose to do it even if there is a chance of failure. *

I will choose an unstable career that I enjoy over a more secure one. *

I always anticipate the needs of others in the workplace. *

My business should only provide services or products that benefit the disadvantaged in the community. *

I constantly reflect and play with ideas. *

When working, I always set very ambitious goals for myself. *

I get caught up in speculating about possibilities. *

I am motivated by the desire to avoid failure. *

I often come up with alternative uses for everyday objects. *

When I fail, my first reaction is to take responsibility and work toward making things right for those affected. *

I value independence above all else. *

I ask questions that nobody else does. *

I stand out among my colleagues for my trustworthiness. *

I take a lot of chances in my professional life. *

My work has to be creative. *

My principal ambition is to live my own preferred work style. *

I want to be an employer, not an employee. *

I surround myself with people whose views challenge my own. *

I am often excited by opportunities that others deem too unpredictable. *

I prefer to lead rather than follow. *

Having my personal freedom in the workplace is of paramount importance to me. *

I sometimes hesitate to implement new ideas. *

I moderate my ambitions if they seem difficult to attain. *

I am constantly coming up with new ideas. *

If there is a big chance of profit I am willing to take high risks. *

Is there an entrepreneur in your family?

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